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To celebrate through our products and services the beauty of dance and the pursuit of physical and mental discipline and well-being.

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Dance at any age.jpeg
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At Attitude Dancewear, we select our dance shoes and dancewear products with our customers in mind, caring for both quality and price; and we strive to find, every time, the perfect dance product for the specific dancing needs of each one of our customers. 

Our customers range from professional dancers to beginners, from instructors to students, of all ages and genders.

 We are independent of any  particular dance studio but we proudly support those who align with our mission.

By being independent, location wise and ownership wise, Attitude Dancewear can serve the dance community with honesty and without conflicts of interest.

We highly value our relationships with area dance academies, dance studios, performing arts schools, gyms and instructors.  We appreciate what each one of them has to offer, as well as their unique strengths and attributes.

At the same time, we are independent of any particular place of dance, theatre or fitness instruction.  That independence helps us provide added services to all our customers, since we avoid conflicts of interest, we offer confidentiality, and we can recommend the place that we believe best fits their current and potential dance and performing needs.

At Attitude Dancewear, we are proud to serve as a helpful link between instructors, students, prospective students, professional companies and performance venues in South Florida.

A positive Attitude makes a big difference!

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