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Attitude Dancewear®
est. 2002, Trademark Registered

9621 Westview Drive - Coral Springs, FL 33076
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Attitude Dancewear: Past, Present and Future

Located in Coral Springs / Parkland and easily accessible from the Sawgrass Express Way, Attitude Dancewear is a well regarded dance store that offers customers a place to find quality dance shoes and dancewear, as well as expertise and a sense of community. Founded by Carlos Rangel in 2002, Attitude Dancewear is known for an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the dance retailer we are today. Whether you’re looking for jazz shoes or tap shoes, a leotard or tights, ballet slippers or Pointe shoes, a special dance top or shorts, Attitude Dancewear always has something for everyone to buy and love. Visit us today!

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To celebrate through our products and services the beauty of dance and the pursuit of physical and mental discipline and well-being.

You can learn more about our founder's background in this 
Complete Dance Store Coral Springs Florida

Others try to imitate us but they'll never get it right!

Attitude Dancewear

Attitude Dancewear® is our nationally registered Trademark with the USPTO (United States Patents and Trademark Office). Our national trademark protects our brand and makes it illegal for any other dance store to use the name Attitude Dancewear in full or in part. Confusingly similar names are also violating US trademark laws. Trademark registration number: 3452167. Serial number: 77157084.


We have only one Attitude Dancewear store, in Coral Springs, Florida. Any other store that identifies itself with our name (or variations on our name), in this or any other state or country, is not associated with us in any way and it is in violation of our trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office.


Stores that misrepresent themselves as "the dance store in Coral Springs" when they're located elsewhere are also trying to deceive the market and acting unethically.

Attitude: A position, a state of mind...

at-ti-tude / n 1. POSTURE 2. a mental position or feeling in regard to a fact or about something. 3. a position of the body implying an action or mental state.


In ballet, a pose in which one leg is raised in the back or to the front with the knee bent, usually with one arm raised.

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